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The vision and mission of the Translation Project

Our core mission is to facilitate Bible Translation, Language development and sustainable Literacy programmes among the Chuka People.

We are interdenominational Christian organization, which partners with the Church in order to preach the Good News of Christ through provision of Scriptures.

We believe that people’s lives will be transformed, by the grace of God, when people use the Word of God in the language they understand best. 


Gospel of Luke in Chuka Language
Rev. Prof. Watson Omulokoli holding the Gospel according to Luke during the Dedication Day of the Gospel of Luke.


 You can find more information about us on this site.

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Gĩchuka Bible Mobile Apps

Click here to download  offline Android Mobile App.  Currently we ha translated Luke, 1 Corinthians, and Ephesians. We shall continue to add more books, as soon as the books are ready.

For iPhones and  Windows Phones like Nokia Click here to download the offline Gichuka Bible e-pub file.


Bloom Books

Bloom iconYou can download Bloom Reader from Google Playstore, for your Android phones and read interesting Bible Stories, excellent for teaching Sunday School and the youths. Interestingly, they contain audio for the very young kids to read with ease.

Here is a list of Bloom Books you can download for your Bloom Reader

  • File icon Njĩcũ aboria kĩonje-Chuka.epub

    Download1.25 MB

  • File icon Njĩcũ arũngamia kĩbuubani-English.epub

    Download1.36 MB

  • File icon Nkoma ageria Njĩcũ-Chuka.epub


Prof. Njoka and Bishop Gitari
From Left, Bishop Sammy Gitari of GCC and our Translation Project Patron Prof. Erastus N. Njoka, during the Dedication Day of the Book of Luke on 28th January 2017.

The Joy of receiving Scriptures

A woman reading the Bible
A woman reading the Scriptures in her own language.

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Chuka Town

An elderly man in Chuka reading the Bible
An elderly man from Ciambaraga, Chuka reading the Gospel of Luke.